20 January 2006

Computers – Aaarrrggghhh!!

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We’ve not been having a good time recently, thanks to computer problems. Basically, I’ve got a main PC and server PC, both with RAID mirrored disks and both of them ended up having problems, so I’ve spent 2 weeks getting things back in order! Firstly, the main PC lost access to its disks when I decided to split them into system and data partitions for easier backups. I couldn’t get the system running again without going back to a very old system image or completely rebuilding. Not a problem in theory, since I’d only just copied over all the data to the server as a backup.

However, in restoring the system on the main PC, by putting the disk into the server, I lost access to the backup disks in the server containing all my data, in particular everything since the old system image I’d used to restore from!! No problem, I’d use the software on The Ultimate Boot CD to recover the system partitions, in the same way I’d tried with the main PC. Did that OK, but it turns out all the backup up data on both mirrors is corrupt!! How’d that happen??!!

So after a week getting both PCs working, I’ve now spent another week using file restore software, doing directory content comparisons and hunting through all my disks looking for replacements for missing that are only available in corrupt form. Brilliant!!

It looks like I’ve recovered most things, but I’m not a happy bunny. ;-(


6 January 2006

Pleasant Wine Surprise

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I’ve just opened a bottle of red from the cellar and too late noticed the words vin doux naturel on the label. But what a pleasant surprise, it’s really rather good.

It’s the Mas Coronet 2001 from the Banyuls appellation, one I’ve not heard of before and didn’t recognise when I picked it up. I’ve no memory of buying it, but it´s been hanging around for at least 9 months. If I’d realised, it would have made a great try-out on the Father-In-Law before Christmas, since he’s got such a sweet tooth. At 88, he’s given up on drinking anything but sweet wines and the odd glass of bubbly if there’s nothing sweet available.

More Website Changes

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I’ve spent some time setting up forum software and a guestbook.  Hopefully I should be able to get that hooked up to the main site over the next couple of days.  That will encourage some feedback on the site.

1 January 2006

Another year – where did it all go?

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2005 has just zipped past, it’s been so busy.

Off the top of my head, we did a holiday in Porrua, Asturias on the northern coast of Spain, which included buying a plot of land up there; we completed some building work on the house to turn the garage into a room, bathroom and storage; I got around to applying a load of updates to Pork Scratching World, including more reviews, the UK 2005 Tasting results and Google ads; I did a CELTA course to give myself some TEFL skills; I finally came to the end of my CSFB contract; finally configured my old PC to act as a backup and music server; and I kicked off development on a variety of websites.

The plan for 2006 is to get another contract to keep the money rolling in, continue development of the websites to build up extra income streams and work on property ideas locally and in Asturias. No doubt there will be quite a bit to do with the family, too.