18 March 2006

Guest book removed from Pork Scratching World

Posted in Pork Scratchings, technology, Uncategorized at 4:05 pm by coralsoft

I’ve had to take down the guest book link from Pork Scratching World.  It was just being spammed by loads of entries posting masses of links or pointless ‘great site’ messages from people leaving a link back to their own sites.  I don’t remember seeing stuff like this in the past whenever I looked at others’ guestbooks, but I guess that’s just internet marketing in progress.



  1. Dan Poole said,

    hi there,


  2. Mark Proctor said,

    I’m too

  3. Anna Algaier said,

    Well this blog failed

  4. Andy said,

    Guestbooks are often spammed if not updated/patched regularly using any patch made available from the software vendor….also renaming the Guestbook file from ‘guestbook.pl’ (for example) to ‘somethingrandom.pl’ will stop a spammer looking for that obvios filename…..and hopefully would prevent spam abuse.

    Any, big scratching fan, have linked my site to yours, http://www.yellowfingers.co.uk ,hope this is OK, and ‘great site’ 🙂

    Andy, the black country.

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